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Amazing Possibilities

Aerial video and photography has opened up a whole new world of exciting opportunities for businesses and individuals. With a drone you can capture videos and photography from a perspective that can really make difference and help you stand out over and above your competitors, literally! 

Our affordable drone services are available to clients looking for aerial video or photography solutions. Whatever your project, we will work closely with you to advise and support, ensuring the finished project meets and exceeds your expectations.

We have a thorough, professional approach to planning and executing any drone activity. We will happily take you through the step-by-step process we follow for every project and highlight all the safety procedures we adhere to. We can fly up to a height of 400ft, which allows us to capture dramatic pictures and video.

Once the footage and photos have been captured, we let our creative juices flow back in the studio and put together an edit or photo gallery that you can then utilise as you wish. 

Some recent work

Fully Qualified Drone Pilots

Our drone pilots have completed training courses for drone operations and hold Permits for Commercial Operation (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

We are qualified to operate Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (0-7kg) – a CAA approved qualification that demonstrates the ability, knowledge and skill to operate drones effectively and safely.

We have £1 million public liability insurance cover provided by specialists in UAV and drone insurance.


How We Work – Safety First

Prior to carrying out any drone operations, we run a thorough check on the flying area, assessing and evaluating every safety detail. This will include site surveys, checking airspace & NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen), risk assessments and weather conditions & forecast

If it is not safe, we won’t fly. All our flights are logged and we wear high-vis jackets when operating. Our set up also includes signage to warn people that drone operations are taking place in the area, cones to mark out our landing and taking off zone, a landing matt and first aid kit.


Are you licensed by the CAA?2017-03-21T16:06:43+00:00

Yes, all our pilots hold a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) certificate from the CAA

Are you insured?2017-03-21T16:06:52+00:00

Yes, we have £1m public liability insurance from Moonrock, one of the leaders in drone insurance.

How high can your drones fly?2017-03-21T16:07:01+00:00

We can fly up to 400ft

What weather conditions can you fly in?2017-03-21T16:07:08+00:00

We avoid rain and extreme cold. We can fly in winds of 15mph and our drones will cope with stronger gusts.

How long can you fly for?2017-03-21T16:07:18+00:00

We only ever fly for a maximum of 20 minutes. We then land the drone and replace the battery.

Do you fly indoors?2017-03-21T16:07:26+00:00

As long as there is plenty of space and a risk assessment has been carried out, then yes!

Can you fly over water?2017-03-21T16:07:34+00:00


How do you see what is being filmed?2017-03-22T11:33:18+00:00

The controller is connected to a tablet or smartphone and we can view the drone camera through an app. This enables us to get great shots without having to follow the drone with our eyes.

How far can your drone go?2017-03-21T16:07:50+00:00

The CAA stipulates that we can fly the drone to a distance of 500m as long as we can maintain visual contact with it at all times. We rarely fly it this far as there is rarely the need to do so!

How much do your services cost?2017-03-21T16:08:16+00:00

Prices start at £250 for a half day. But all projects are different and usually involve editing and music accompaniment.

Please get in touch to discuss your project and we will be able to send you a preliminary estimate.

Our services & the sectors we work in

  • Aerial Video
  • Aerial Photography
  • Corporate Videos
  • Building Inspection
  • Construction Sites
  • 360 Panoramas
  • Property
  • Weddings
  • Sport & Leisure
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Golf Course Flyovers


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