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We love words here at Bang Bang Creative. We love to play around with them – to make them inspire and intrigue, to cause reaction and action. They are versatile little creatures and we love to grab hold of this versatility and bring it to life. After all, words are everywhere you look and when joined together the right way in a slogan, sentence or phrase, they can have magical results. We provide copywriting services to help your brand get noticed and remembered.

We have words in our heads, on paper, on the wall, on our screens. We are constantly working with words, whether in a design sense or a copywriting capacity. But we only keep our words in the sense that we promise to deliver. Otherwise we give them all away. They are for sharing after all!

So please don’t leave us until we give the word. Or the words. Or the sentence. We can make words shout, we can make them chill out, we can make words serious or funny, we can give them clout. Whatever the style of your project, we will knock our heads together, cause a storm in our brains, play with ideas and deliver. Our copywriting services are second to none.

Although a creative approach is what drives us to produce when developing and writing copy, we are able to adjust our style accordingly to suit the requirements of any brief and adapt to already established house styles. This adaptability enables us to produce work that gets read and read again, whether it’s serious, informative, educational, inspiring, punchy or light-hearted.

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Improve page rankings

Search Engine Optimisation plays a huge part in the success of a website, whether it is an online store, a corporate website, a photography website or a charity. If you don’t get found on Google and other search engines, you won’t get many visitors to your website – it really is as simple as that.

Bang Bang Creative provide a variety of on page SEO services that will increase traffic to your site and improve your search engine rankings. The services we provide can be implemented at the start of a new project or they can be applied to existing websites to help them improve on current rankings.

Whatever SEO services you require – small business SEO, ecommerce SEO – we will examine your website closely to pinpoint areas for improvement. Whether it’s optimised homepage text and category descriptions, a regularly updated blog, improved product descriptions, better product photography or meta data, Bang Bang Creative know where to look and have the knowledge to implement the right changes to achieve higher rankings.


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Bang Bang Creative were able to quickly understand our business and, more importantly, successfully translate that into words which perfectly summarised our approach, services and philosophy. He was great to work with – pro-active and punctual – a quality service and highly recommended

Justin Thomas, Ten Thousand Hours

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