Studio S3, Old Bakery Studios, Truro
For any business
Whatever your photography needs, Bang Bang Creative can help. We have a great deal of experience in the field and believe it is an essential element of any website or marketing campaign.

Photographs are more prominent than ever before. With advances in technology and social media, we now see new photos virtually every day of our lives. Adding eye-catching visual elements to your business – through websites, brochures, flyers, social media accounts and more – is vital for effective promotion and brand building.

Potential clients not only want to read or hear what you are all about, they want to see it too.

Recent photoshoots for Bang Bang Creative have included food photography for a superb restaurant in St Mawes, a shoot for a beauty salon in Truro and property photography for a new holiday lettings business.

We can help with event photography, property, location shoots, TV & theatre, portraits, as well as photos for websites and marketing campaigns.

…Working with Bang Bang was a real pleasure – great creative ideas and a calm approach. The final shots were just what we were after
Check out a jumble of our pics below…
Food, faces, performance, theatre, landscapes, buildings & more.